If you recently found you’re pregnant but don’t feel ready to become a parent and don’t feel like abortion would be the right choice for you, thankfully you have another option.

When faced with unplanned pregnancies, many women find adoption is the choice that makes the most sense for them. As you explore this option, it’s important to learn about the various forms of adoption available to you. 

First Step Women’s Center is a pregnancy resource center focused on providing women with information and resources regarding their pregnancy options, including adoption. In today’s blog, we discuss the various types of adoptions.

What is a Closed Adoption?

If you choose to pursue adoption for your pregnancy, you’ll create an adoption plan that makes the most sense for you. Part of creating that plan is deciding whether you want an open or closed adoption.

In a closed adoption, the birth mother has no contact with the adoptive family and child post-placement. They typically know only relevant, non-identifying information about one another.

Closed adoptions were once common; however, today, they make up only 5 percent of adoptions.


What is an Open Adoption? 

In comparison to a closed adoption plan, in an open adoption, the birth mother and the adoptive family and child know one another and potentially have some form of a relationship.

In this type of adoption, you will be able to work with your adoption agency to decide what kind of relationship you would like post-placement. This could include writing occasional letters to seeing each other in person.

If you choose to have an open adoption, you will also work with your adoption agency to pick out the family your child will be placed with. While adoption is an emotional process, this can be an empowering decision as you choose the best parents and family for your child.

Today, 95 percent of adoption plans are open. However, it’s important to make arrangements that you’re comfortable with and feel will work best for you and your child. It’s also important to know that if you choose adoption and end up deciding you want to parent the child or make changes to your plan, you have the power to do so at any point in your pregnancy, up until placement. 

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