If you’re facing an unwanted pregnancy, you may find yourself wishing that all of your problems would just disappear. While terminating the pregnancy may feel like the easiest option, the thought of walking into an abortion clinic can seem too intimidating or embarrassing for many women.

These feelings can lead some women to order the abortion pill online. While this can feel like the easiest choice when it comes to dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, it can also lead to some severe health risks.

Consider these five facts before ordering the abortion pill online:

The abortion pill medication available online is likely not tested and approved by the FDA

While you may be used to ordering nearly everything else online, medication is an exception to the rule.

Due to its association with severe side effects and risks, the abortion pill should only be accessed through the proper channels. Mifeprex is highly regulated; a prescriber needs to meet REMS(risks evaluation and mitigation strategy) qualifications and be certified to even prescribe Mifeprex.

While you may be able to buy medications labeled as the abortion pill online, they likely have not undergone the proper FDA testing and approval processes and could lead to incomplete abortions and other serious health complications.

You need to know your blood type before the end of a pregnancy (whether birth, miscarriage, or elective abortion). If Rh is negative, this may impact future pregnancies.

The abortion pill is not safe after 10 weeks of gestation

According to the FDA, patients are only eligible for the abortion pill in the first 70 days (or 10 weeks) of gestation. Undergoing a medical abortion after this point can lead to an incomplete abortion. Retained fetal tissue left from an incomplete abortion can lead to serious infections, sepsis, and septic shock.

Before taking the abortion pill, you must confirm the age of your pregnancy through an ultrasound scan.

The abortion pill can be accompanied by severe side effects and risks

While undergoing a medical abortion, women will experience heavy bleeding and cramping as they pass the pregnancy tissue from the uterus. Additionally, patients may experience side effects including weakness, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, fever, chills, headaches, and diarrhea.

In addition to these side effects, some women experience abortion pill complications, such as infection, sepsis, septic shock, and hemorrhaging. These complications can be fatal if left untreated.

Ordering the abortion pill online means you may not have access to the support and follow-up care you would need in case of complications.

It’s essential to undergo pre-abortion screenings before taking the abortion pill

As we mentioned, the abortion pill is a serious medical process and can lead to side effects and health complications. Because of this, it’s recommended that patients undergo pre-abortion screenings including an ultrasound scan, STD/STI testing, and treatment (if necessary), and a consultation with a medical professional to determine if the abortion pill is right for you. The abortion pill is not recommended if you take some drugs or have certain medical conditions, such as anemia.

While ordering the abortion pill online might seem like the easiest approach to dealing with your unplanned pregnancy, skipping these necessary pre-abortion screenings may lead to severe health consequences.

First Step Women’s Center provides all of these screenings at no cost in a confidential and safe environment so that you can make an informed and healthy choice for your pregnancy.

If you decide to get a medication abortion, only use an FDA-certified prescriber.

You have other options

Abortion isn’t your only option when it comes to an unplanned pregnancy. If you’re unsure as to whether the abortion pill is right for you, you may want to consider your other options!

Parenting and adoption can both be empowering and life-giving choices! Thankfully, there are resources to help you along the way — First Step Women’s Center provides no-cost healthcare services; referrals for material assistance, parenting support, and education; and more to support you each step of this journey!

Whether you’re still deciding if the abortion pill is right for you or are interested in learning more about all of your options, First Step Women’s Center is here to help!

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