Still in School?

Facing a pregnancy if you’re a high school or college student can feel intimidating and scary. There’s a lot to consider and think through as you consider your future and next steps. We offer coaching and confidential counseling for pregnant students who need a place to process everything they’re feeling and thinking. If that’s you, know that you aren’t alone and you have options!

Whether you’re a high school student or a college student, we have resources for you. We can help you think through the following as a way to figure out your next steps …

  • Counseling on all of your options: adoption, abortion and parenting
  • No-cost pregnancy tests
  • No-cost ultrasounds
  • A plan to getting your diploma or degree while pregnant
  • How to have conversations with your partner, friends and parents about your pregnancy
  • How to advocate for what you want and need during this time in a sea of other people’s voices and opinions
  • What abortion would mean for your future and right now
  • What a pregnancy and birth would mean for you right now and in the future
  • What an adoption plan could look like and the various options available to you if you choose adoption

We’re here to answer any questions you have and provide a caring place to process whatever you’re feeling about your pregnancy.

Contact us today for a confidential appointment.