Are You Considering Adoption?

If you are considering adoption, it’s understandable that you might have questions about the process. A lot has changed with the process over the decades and it can be difficult to find helpful adoption information online.

Currently, there are two basic types of adoption to consider:

Open Adoptions

Open adoption can take many forms, but it allows you to still be present to some degree in your child’s life. It can give you the opportunity to have phone calls, send letters or emails, and even spend physical time with your child. This is the most common type of adoption today, with nine out of ten adoptions remaining open.

Closed Adoptions

You may consider a closed adoption if you don’t want future contact with your child. This option does not disclose information about the birth parents for the children or adoptive family. Once the adoption is finalized, there is no future communication between birth parents and adoptive parents or children.

Neither option is right or wrong, so you get to decide which one is best for you. Some women don’t feel like they can take on the responsibilities to parent but still want to know their baby and watch them grow. Others want to move on quickly after the adoption and close that chapter of their life.

There’s much to consider as you weigh these options.

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First Step connects patients to local Springfield, IL adoption resources and services to ensure that you receive support throughout and after your pregnancy. At the same time, we do not have partnerships with any Illinois adoption programs or agencies – so we are objective in our adoption information and guidance.

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