What is Closed Adoption?

If you recently found you’re pregnant but don’t feel ready to become a parent and don’t feel like abortion would be the right choice for you, thankfully you have another option. When faced with unplanned pregnancies, many women find adoption is the choice that makes the most sense for them. As you explore this option,

What Is Open Adoption?

If you’re experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and considering the pregnancy option of adoption, you’re in the right place! First Step Women’s Center exists to empower women facing unexpected pregnancies to make the choice that’s best for them and their futures. The choice to place your child for adoption is never an easy one, but for

How to Tell My Parents I Am Pregnant

We know emotions are high, and it can be scary to tell anyone you are pregnant—let alone your parents. You may think, “They are going to be so mad at me,” or “Will they ever talk to me again?” Every parent’s reaction to an unplanned pregnancy varies,  and their reaction might be different than you

The Difference Between Plan B and the Abortion Pill

Today on the blog, we’ll be discussing a commonly asked question — “Is there a difference between Plan B and the abortion pill?”  Spoiler alert: The answer is “Yes!” Keep reading to learn how these two medications are different and what you should know before taking each. What is “Plan B?”  Plan B, also referred

Why should I get an ultrasound before my abortion?

If you’re pregnant and considering abortion, you might be wondering why you would need to get an ultrasound scan. While many states require one before getting an abortion, that’s not the only reason you should consider scheduling an appointment for an ultrasound scan.  Ultrasounds will provide valuable insight to you and are a key piece

3 Steps You Must Take Before Having an Abortion

Do you think you might be pregnant? You’re wondering, “How could this happen? I thought we were careful! What am I going to do?” So many questions and thoughts race through your mind. You might think having an abortion will make the whole thing go away, but there’s no need to rush to a decision.

6 Reasons Ordering the Abortion Pill Online is Dangerous

Taking the abortion pill sounds like a simple way to deal with a difficult situation, but like every medical procedure, it can have serious side effects. Although “the abortion pill” is the popular name given to this abortion method, it isn’t just one, easy pill. The abortion pill is a two-step process. Here are six

So, What Exactly Is the Abortion Pill?

Although “abortion pill” is the popular name given to this procedure by an abortion clinic, it’s not one pill, and it isn’t as simple as they’d like you to believe. Choosing to have any type of abortion is a serious medical decision. Any time you take pills that make a significant change to your body,

Top 6 Early Signs of Pregnancy

Early Symptoms of Pregnancy A late period is one of the first early signs of pregnancy that most women notice. Tender breasts, feelings of nausea, and food cravings or aversions can also be indications that you’re pregnant. Or they can signal that your period is on its way. It’s confusing, we know. The only way

Is a Medical Abortion Right for Me?

If you recently found out you’re pregnant, and that wasn’t part of the plan, there are understandably a lot of emotions and thoughts running through your head…maybe even fear.  Fear of being pregnant…of telling your boyfriend and parents…of lost dreams…of lack of support…of what others will think of you. Even fear of abandonment. For many