Before you can make an informed choice about your pregnancy, you need answers to these three important questions:

  1. Am I really pregnant?
  2. How far along am I?
  3. Do I have an STD?

We can provide the answers to these questions at no/low cost to you.

About 1 out of 3 pregnancies do not carry to the term for various reasons; therefore, a positive pregnancy test is not always conclusive.

If you believe you may be facing an unplanned pregnancy due to a missed period, positive at-home test, or other early symptoms the next step is to medically confirm that you are pregnant through an ultrasound.

First Step provides free lab-quality pregnancy testing, with instant results. We also offer free ultrasound services, performed by licensed medical professionals, in order to confirm your pregnancy and determine how far along you may be.

First Step does not profit from your decision. We are here to be a resource of information to help you make the best decision. You are not alone. We are your best first step.

All of our services are safe & confidential.  Contact us to schedule a free appointment.