Pregnancy can be an anxious and stressful time for someone, even if the pregnancy was planned. So, it’s completely normal if you’re considering your options, like the abortion pill. The more educated on your options you are, the more prepared and in control of the situation you’ll feel. But, when considering all your options, make sure that you’re taking into account the best interests of yourself and your health because all your options have external factors that need to be considered. Listed below is information about the abortion pill, including Illinois state law regarding legal abortion. 

Abortion Pill Information

First, it’s important that you’re completely knowledgeable of what the abortion pill is. The morning-after pill is often confused with the abortion pill, but they’re actually very different. The morning-after pill is an emergency contraceptive usually taken two to three days after intercourse. The abortion pill, on the other hand, can be taken up to ten weeks after your missed period. Because you have to receive it from a medical professional, and this applies to any abortion procedure, you must get an ultrasound first. Visit a pregnancy medical center, like First Step Women’s Center, to receive a free and confidential ultrasound.

Also, the abortion pill procedure is a two-visit process, involving two different pills from your medical professional. The first pill works to cut off a hormone essential to pregnancy development. The second is taken one to two days later and causes contractions to expel the fetus. This may occur within a few hours or up to two weeks after taking the second pill.

While most of the time the abortion pill is effective, there’s still a possibility it will not be successful. The further along in pregnancy, the less effective it will be. In the case that the abortion pill does not work, you will need a surgical abortion.

Do not buy the abortion pill online. Buying medicine and medical objects online can be extremely dangerous because they’re likely not certified and you can’t be sure exactly where they are coming from. Always consult a medical professional.

Illinois State Abortion Law

As of November 2017, the law in Illinois regarding abortion is that:

  • Women are not allowed to receive abortions if the fetus can live outside of the womb
  • Minors must notify an adult family member 48 hours before the procedure but adult family members do not have to give consent for the abortion to proceed
  • Abortions needed to preserve the life of the pregnant woman are legal

If you are considering abortion, would like more information or would like to further discuss your options, contact First Step to talk with our friendly and professional staff.

First Step Women’s Center does not refer for or perform abortions.